This blog is my shared process in working towards integrating self-awareness with all other aspects of life, while on my way to becoming more authentic and whole.



Welcome!  My name is Kristen.  I’m a passionate, busy, and introspective woman who finds writing to be cathartic and therapeutic. It’s my creative outlet I wish I had more time for, but..someday. I have 3 daughters and am learning from motherhood all the time.

The posts you’ll find here are me – in process.  I share my thoughts, experiences, reflections, in the milieu of daily living.  I reserve the right to fully own my thoughts and my journey, while also evolving from what I share.  The path of living a conscious life towards deeper integration of honest, yet compassionate self-understanding and relating to the world as is – is fluid, or it’s not growth.  I invite others in on my process with the hope that it will somehow nurture and inspire others, in spite of any typos and blind-spots I may only later come to discover.  I’ve benefited from others courageously sharing their path with me. Even if I never have or ever will meet them – it nonetheless supports and encourages me to own my unique path and fully embrace all of its layers parts.

My previous blogs can be found at: Perfectly-Misplaced and My Blah Blah Blah blog.

I’m now a Certified Emotional Empowerment Coach and am now taking clients! Connect with me for more info!

Warm regards,


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